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TEL INCUBATE provides bespoke incubation for academics who are interested in creating impact by applying their research and

know-how through entrepreneurship. 




Working according to the TEL INCUBATE principle of reliability, we value the peer review framework and immense knowledge resource that exists within academia, and apply this for validating the generative and sustainable impact of our start-ups. 

To this effect, TEL INCUBATE offers a value-exchange framework between academics/researchers and our start-ups. We provide academics/researchers the opportunity to provide their expertise and scientific knowledge to TEL INCUBATE start-ups in exchange for a percentage of revenue or equity.


In this manner, TEL INCUBATE start-ups that do not have the in-house technical or scientific expertise to validate/substantiate the robustness of the intended impact of their start-up product, service, or process benefits from the provision of this by TEL’s extensive network of relevant experts. 


This framework significantly strengthens the value proposition that TEL INCUBATE start-ups hold for procuring angel investment, as well as for creating reliable, generative, and sustainable impact. Importantly, it also offers academics and researchers the opportunity to actively engage in valorisation and help create impact through their research/knowledge. 

  • I’m interested in your start-up incubation, how do I apply?
    You can get in touch with us through our contact page. We’ll get back to you within three working days to follow-up on your queries and/or make an appointment for an online meeting. The TEL INCUBATE program is selective. After having discussed your start-up idea and performed our initial due diligence, we will inform you as to whether your start-up is a good fit for the TEL INCUBATE program. If you receive a positive answer, we will work closely with you and your team to create a custom-made plan for the incubation of your start-up.
  • I’m an entrepreneur, how do I collaborate with an academic/researcher to help create a start-up?
    If you’re interested in lending your expertise in exchange for a revenue percentage/equity, get in touch with us through our contact page or by clicking the provide expertise button on this page. Let us know what your background and current position is, and we will match you with an academic or researcher that would benefit from your knowledge. Once you’ve been matched, we will work closely together with you and your collaborators to create a custom incubation plan.
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