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Thought Experiment Laboratory encompasses four inter-related frameworks along with their network of stakeholders:


  • TEL-Research - for wellbeing research incentivisation; 


  • TEL-Curation - for curated and designed experiential integration of wellbeing research; 


  • TEL-Startups - for ethical and accountable entrepreneurial scaling for accessibility to a verified and creatively enjoyable ecology of wellbeing experiences, services and products; and, 


  • TEL-Coin – for robustly transparent and agile: governance, resourcing, and scale-ability.


TEL-Research: Incentivisation and Catalysation


Through a Research Grant Programme, TEL-Research supports the development of academically based social experiences that proactively improve mental health and wellbeing. In this context, TEL supports the implementation of research studies that test/investigate a mental health or wellbeing related hypothesis through experimental or qualitative methodologies.


Through the independent and verified peer-review processes of such research, a knowledge resource is established for the development of academically based social experiences that proactively improve mental health and wellbeing. 


All areas of research that are applicable to the overall theme of mental health or wellbeing would be eligible for the initiative. The application of research/peer-review methodologies for the verification of traditional or complementary approaches for wellbeing is also of particular interest. 


To be eligible for TEL-Research grants, applicants need to propose/formulate an experimental or qualitative research study and methodology that investigates the hypothesis/research question(s) and meets the following criteria: 


  • The methodology is based on existing peer-reviewed research;   

  • The methodology incorporates elements of social interaction;

  • The methodology is formulated as to allow for (parts of) the research study to be carried out/implemented in the TEL national monument space.


To support the implementation of studies that meet the above listed criteria, TEL supports the selected research grant applications with the necessary resources, including usage of the iconic national monument church space, logistical, and administrative support, to implement the proposed research study.  



TEL-Curation: Curated and Designed Experiential Integration of Research


TEL-Research functions in combination with TEL-Curation; this facilitates collaborations with creatives for curating and designing experiential integration of research on wellbeing. Through workshops and experiences (individual, group, or enterprise), practical and actionable frameworks are created for empowering the general public with more access to the tangible benefits of research. 


Creativity fields that may be particularly proximate would include the fine arts, performing arts, experience design, game design, festival/event curation.  All creative disciplines/practices that are applicable to the crafting of experiential impact that is based on wellbeing research from TEL-Research would be eligible for the initiative.


With the vision of re-creating recreation with a focus on holistic wellbeing: 

TEL-Curation facilitates the application of experience design and other creative disciplines to re-imagine the recreation/leisure activity sector through providing meaningful awareness and research-based alternatives to the dominant, distraction-focused mainstream concept of leisure activity.


In complementarity with the processes for developing research knowledge resources through TEL-Research; TEL-Curation likewise establishes a growing knowledge base of frameworks for transformative experiences that are based on systems for the meaningful gathering and integration of feedback from its participants. 


To support the realisation of wellbeing experiences that encompass such curated and designed experiential integration, TEL supports selected creatives with the resources necessary to implement the proposed creative wellbeing experience framework.




TEL-Startups: Ethical and Accountable Entrepreneurial Scale-ability of Wellbeing 


TEL-Startups provides resources and facilitated access to angel investment for the ethical and accountable entrepreneurial scaling of outcomes arising from the combination of TEL-Research and TEL-Curation. 


TEL-Startups support participants from TEL-Research and TEL-Curation in exploring additional career options for applying their know-how through socially beneficial entrepreneurial concepts conducted in the TEL space (and other future TEL spaces) with equity-sharing of the revenues arising from the experiences being provided. This is intended to allow future and current practitioners of research and creativity a low-risk and supportive context for exploring additional career prospects as independent practitioners with their own Startups while benefitting from being part of a broader systemic framework.


TEL-Startups’ scale-able entrepreneurial setting for verified approaches to proactive wellbeing and mental health, that are designed to be experiential and enjoyable, help meets the growing need for reliable access to meaningful and proven-effective tools for wellbeing in a manner that is personally and societally enhancing.


TEL-Coin: A blockchain transposition of the TEL System for systemic governance and resourcing


On a longer-term basis, the development of a blockchain-based "token” that is based on the TEL system of processes, structures, and rules is envisaged. 


The TEL-Coins are envisioned to be a non-fungible token (NFT). This blockchain transposition of the TEL system would be a tool for systemic governance as well as resource allocation and generation for the TEL system and its stakeholders.


TEL-Coin valuation would be based on a real-time TEL-community plus status-quo-economy valuation of the portfolio of spaces (conceptual and real estate), experiences, services, products, and knowledge that encompass the TEL system in a global community setting. 

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